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Spring Market 2016 / Christmas Fair 2016

more than 10 000 customers, 3000 sausages, 2000 cinnamon buns, 1300 carelian pies, 30 reindeer hides, 460 jars of plum jam, 50 hours of Christmas songs and much more...

was our Christmas Fair last year. Welcome to make the Fairs on 2016 even better!

Spring Market 2016

You are most welcome to join us in our Spring Fair!
We offer traditional Finnish seasonal treats, sweets, food products, arts&crafts stalls and of course the Moomin products. From our backyard you will find BBQ with finnish food and drinks or you can enjoy a coffee and tasty easter pastry or a cinnamon bun in our cafe.

Fair will be open:

Fr 18.3. 12-20
Sat 19.3. 10-19
Sun 20.3. 10-18

All the profits will be used to support the work of The Finnish Church in London. Welcome!




Christmas Fair 2015

What Time Out says about our Christmas Fair (13.11.2012):

"You can't get any Christmassier than a Finnish market, and the annual one held in and around this beautiful modern church in a Rotherhithe cul-de-sac is a delight. Products on sale range from classic Finnish design pieces to more affordable Moomin toys, Christmas cards and of course food – including imported rye breads, gravadlax, Fazer chocolates and strange roundels of squeaky cheese (best served with cloudberry jam)."

During the fair you can find live music, Finnish treats from cafeteria and grill and a huge variety of Finnish food and gifts including

- Finnish food: rye bread, pea soup, mustard, cloudberry jam, coffee etc.

- Finnish sweets: Fazer chocolate (the best in the world!), salt liquorice etc.

- Finnish gifts: reindeer hides, Moomin -products, Iittala, Arabia and Pentik


Please save the date for the next Christmas Fair: Wed 18.11.-Sun 22.11.2015.

The Fair is open:

Wed 18.11. klo 12-20

Thu 19.11. klo 12-20

Fri 20.11. klo 11-20

Sat 21.11. klo 10-19

Sun 22.11. klo 10-17


Videos from the Christmas Fair

Petra Reynoldsin video myyjäisten valmisteluista ja myyjäistunnelmasta

Anni Ruposen tunnelmallinen video vuoden 2012 joulumyyjäisistä

Elisa Alaluusuan tekemä kirkon sähköinen joulutervehdys, joka on kuvattu osittain myös joulumyyjäisissä 2014

For more pictures, please visit our gallery.


Tervetuloa! Welcome!